Coppertown – Nate Births a 2nd Place

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Coppertown 35+ 3’s
Race Report by Nate Dunn

Coppertown 2nd
Chris and I lined up for our second race of the day after a frustrating finish in the E3’s.  To be honest we both would have looked for any excuse to head home after our first race (the best excuse being my wife going into labor) but despite checking my phone a few times we were out of luck…the race was going to happen. After downing a few Cokes and switching our race numbers we were off to the start line.
The wind had picked up considerably since our earlier race as well as changing directions.  I made a mental note of where I wanted to be on each section of the course, especially heading into the finish.  Not a lot of action at any point during the race as Chris and I both stayed near the front and out of the wind on every lap.
My plan was to hit the 180 then ride the gutter as long as possible staying protecting from the strong cross wind.  As we started getting closer to the finish I could tell the rider in front of me was not going to have enough to accelerate once the speed picked up.  I decided this was going to be the time to come out of my protected spot and shot a gap to jump on 2 riders at the front getting set up for their lead out.  As they began ramping up their speed I slotted in comfortably as the third wheel.
400-300-200 to go.  I’m trying to hide in the draft as long as possible as the strong headwind is extending the length of the finishing sprint.  At about 100m I jump the final lead out and give it the beans to the line.  In my peripheral vision I’m tracking another rider as we’re neck and neck heading for the line, sensing he had my by about 1/2 a wheel.
Another full weekend of racing with good friends, a few upgrade points, and a sigh of relief for not missing the birth of my second child for an amateur bike race.  Success!

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