Data Driven Athlete Racing 2017 Team Roster

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More sleek designs anticipated for the 2017 kit.

What’s new for 2017?   More focus on Master’s racing and some new talent.

New to the team for 2017:
Nick Caster – E3, from Rio Strada Racing
Jason Smith – E3, from Rio Strada Racing
Scott Hooper – E3, from Top Club CX
Jeff Scott – E3, from NorCal Hub

Jason Smith and Nick Caster both come by way of Rio Strada Racing and we are excited to have their finishing punch at our disposal in the Master’s and E3 categories.

Nick has been around cycling most of his life but only really got the bug himself in 2013.  Nick won the 2016 Golden State Race Series (E3) and is expected to win more in 2017 in order to impress his new teammates and new finance’ Tiffany.

Jason is known for his ability to dish out the power in a finishing effort and has done well in his short 3.5 years of racing by topping the podium with 4 wins and numerous top 10’s.

Scott Hooper is a stalwart in the local cyclo-cross scene and has been beating up the DDA riders in and around Folsom on weekly race/rides for years.  We are hoping to give Scott the itch for more road and crit racing so he can show the rest of the region why we recruited him (plus, we don’t have to chase him down on the group rides anymore).

Jeff Scott is another local rider (Roseville) that has been causing havoc on the local group race rides the last year.  He’s also shown a lot of promise in the cross arena along with his short time on the road.  Jeff is a self-professed Crit lover and has amassed several wins in his brief racing career and we expect the winning ways to continue this year.

Returning from last year are:
Charlie Velez – E2
Travis Retzer – E2
Curt Mills – E2
Nate Dunn – E2
Chris Flower – E2
Tyler Janke – E1
Josh Keel – E3
Patrick Callan – E3

We must congratulate Andrew Shimizu for landing a spot with Mike’s Bikes racing team for 2017.  We are thrilled to have been a part of Andrew’s cycling life over the last several years and proud of what he’s done for himself and our team.  All the best for 2017!

With several riders moving up to the Cat 2 level last year and also becoming eligible for Master’s racing, we are expecting to put up some roadblocks to the other teams in our region while getting the top spots on the podium ourselves.

Data Driven Athlete Racing has always focused on being an aggressive team trying to make the race difficult in an effort to give our team the best chance to win.  Our additions this year only fortify this commitment and go towards setting up the next several years of putting the throttle down each time we enter a race.

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