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DDA Late Season Podiums

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It’s getting late in the year, but a few Data Driven Athlete Racing team members are still paying entry fees and representing well.   Jeff Scott and Chris Flower got some results – congrats to both.

Jeff Scott – Mother Lode Epic
Jeff Scott won the Single Speed Open at the 2017 Santa Cruz Bicycles Mother Lode Epic on 8/19/2017.

Jeff Scott – top step

In a complete contrast to Jeff’s single-speed Mtn bike race, Chris Flower took on an individual Time Trial in the blistering heat on 8/28/17 for the Esparto Time Trial.  Chris missed 2nd by a whopping 5 seconds.

Chris, first one out of the speed suit at least.

EP #4 – Between Two Wheels Podcast Featuring Mike’s Bikes Elite Team Member Andrew Shimizu

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We recently sat down at a noisy Panera Bread restaurant to interview Team Mike’s Bikes p/b Equator Coffee elite member Andrew Shimizu.   Check it our here:

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We discussed the Cascade Cycling Classic, Redlands Classic and National Championships; In addition,  Andrew gave his perspective on how to balance respect for bike promoters and wanting more from a race.  Plus we basically tried to figure out how to solve all the worlds cycling problems (no solutions found).  Andrew has an interesting job that allows him to travel and indulge his enjoyment of photography and cycling – all topics are engage and more.

Andrew can be found at the following places:

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Double World Transplant Games Champion Nate Dunn featured on the “Between Two Wheels” Podcast

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cycling30kmwtgmalaga2017-164-4270Recently our title sponsor founder and head coach, Nate Dunn, sat down to discuss his second attempt at winning the World Transplant Games Time Trial and Road Race.   While Nate wrote a wonderful post on his struggle and journey, we wanted to get some additional insight and hear first hand about his career, accomplishments and what’s next.

Podcast details:

Episode #2 of Between Two Wheels. Host Tyler Janke of Data Driven Athlete Racing. Discussion with Nate Dunn, founder and head coach of Data Driven Athlete. We are joined by fellow cyclists and teammates Travis Retzer and Chris Flower. Curt Mills was AWOL but we forged on.

2014 Cascade Cycling Classic; before transplant.

Nate is a recipient of a liver transplant and recently became a two time world champion at the transplant games in Spain while defending his title two years prior in Argentina. We have a lively discussion of his love for cycling, coaching and what being a transplant recipient is all about.  Give us a listen, review and comment on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast.fm, Podbean and Google Play.

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Find Nate at Data Driven Athlete: https://datadrivenathlete.com/ ; @ddacoaching

Golden State Race Series -The John Novikoff Rendition.

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GSRS CritRace Report of the M(35+) 1,2,3 Omnium by John Novikoff. (May 5-6).

This series has always been a great local event. It’s a great venue and Rio Strada puts on a great show for all involved.   I’ve raced these courses many time and was looking forward to the fun.

Day 1 Criterium
The plan was for me to sit in and stay rested, be attentive and not miss the break should the usual suspects get up the road. I kept an eye on the top contenders and covered a few attempts that some threats in the mix. Nate Dunn, Tyler Janke, Jason SmithNick Caster and Chris Flower were staying active regulating the front.  A dangerous break with about 8 guys had a decent gap and I saw a bridge attempt wind up so I followed. We bridged up and had a decent gap on the field with 5 to go.  Tyler had made the move earlier so we now had two in the break of 10 or so. I’m not sure if the field turned it on or the break fizzled out, but we were are all together with 3 to go. I stayed towards the front, moving up and kept in the top 15 with 2 to go. On the last lap, I was surfing bit further back then I wanted, then along comes Tyler, gives the giddy-up tap and away we went. He brings me right to the front in good position into the 2nd to last corner. Tyler gave it everything to launch me into the last corner. As Chris Espy Jumped from the right, I was committed on the left side so I gassed it going the long way around. Espy had a pretty decent jump on the field and was hard to close with so little real-estate. We ended up 2nd for the day and proud to get on the podium rewarding the team efforts. Read the rest of this entry »